Wednesday, April 4, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

I've now decreed Wednesday as the offical day of the week where I will update my blog about my W.I.P. (Work in Progress). And so it shall be from here forth.

Crappy Paint Edited Picture
Now that that's settled. I just broke the 50,000 word mark on Sunday. I've written several editions of the novel I'm working on so I'm sure my word total is more like 120,000 but only 50,000 from the one I've decided to seriously focus on.

When I get into the groove, I really love writing but sometimes I have to force myself to get onto the computer. So it has been stenous to get to this point. I hope to reach 90,000 to 100,000 but the end of April-beginning of May than do my first edit in May. I hope to finish my edits by June than start querying.

This sounds like a completely different topic but bare with me and you'll see how I round it out. My boyfriend and I are tentively planning to move in together soon-- he lives in Washington D.C. going to Grad school and I live in New York,  2 years out of school, working full-time. I work as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Psychopharmacology (psychological medications) so it's alot of computer data entering which makes me sick of computers by the time I get home most days. This means I usually write the bulk of my words on the weekends. Let's just say it's been slow going. Back to the point, since I might move to D.C. and since I have money saved up, I was thinking about taking a month or two off work after I move there to finish my novel once and for all, then start looking for jobs. It will be nice to have some time just me and my baby...and my boyfriend too.