Review Policy

For the time being (July 2013 and onwards), I am not accepting books for review. Thank you.

Please take the time to fully read over my Review Policy. I took a while to write it and I'll take a while to read your book so it's only courteous. Just make sure I'm the one you want to review it and that I'll be likely to accept it.

Formats of Books I Accept:

Printed including ARCs and finished copies

Kindle (mobi, pdf., etc.) (ARCs, finished copies)

Types/ Genres of Books I Review:

Check out my Goodreads page or go through my archives to see if I want to/ have read a book like yours. It's a good sign I'll accept it.

I like to read Young Adult novels that generally are:

Fantasy (Urban Fantasy)
Science Fiction
Historical fiction (only if it involves one of the above genres)
* I prefer a romance in all the categories

Types/ Genres I don't normally read and only make an exception for once or twice a year:


*I do not read Adult fiction.*
*I do not read Non-fiction.*

About My Reviews

I only post my honest to goodness opinion about a book. That being said I never never never write a wholly negative review. I know a lot of time and love go into creating a novel and I respect that greatly. There is always something positive to say about a novel and I will always be sure to point that out.

Seldom do I not finish a book, but sometimes it happens. In this case I will probably do a Not For Me type of post since I don't think it's fair to do a whole review on a book I didn't finish. If this is the case, I will email you to tell you that. If I just choose to not review a book for other reasons (such as no time, etc.) I'll email you then too but it's not likely to happen.

Usually, I will not read books out of sequence. If you would like me to review a book that is part of a series I have not read, please provide the predecessors.This allows for a much more effective review.

I put the reviews Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Goodreads

Things I Do In My Review Post:

1. Cover Art
2. Author links (website, blog, etc.)
3. Information about the novel (number of pages, publisher, etc.)
4. Book Trailer (if I can find one)
5. Links to Barnes and Noble and Amazon for purchase
6. Link to add book to Goodreads
7. Summaries/synopses from,, the jacketflap, or the publisher’s website.
8. My opinion
9. My overall feeling about the book
10. If I would recommend it
11. Rating on a scale of 1 to 10 with .5 increments. See below for scale:


If You Want Me To Review Your Book:

Please include:
Your name
Name of book
When book will be/ has been published
Length of book
When you would prefer the review be done by
If you would like me to do a giveaway, guest post or author interview. 
Optional: Links to buy, book trailer, etc.



All reviews at It's A Hardcover Life were/ are written by Markella and based solely on her opinion of the novel. All novels reviewed on this blog were either sent by the publisher/publicist/author, purchased, or gifted. No money was given in exchange for a review.

Promotion Policy:

If you are interested in participating in an author interview, giveaway, or contest to promote your book it would be my pleasure to host it for you.

Giveaway Policy:

This is the standard policy that all of my giveaways will follow:
-All contests/giveaways are open to those 13 years of age or older.
-Contest winners will be announced on the blog. Only first name, or username, and website (if one is included) will be displayed.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Many of my giveaways are shipped directly from the author or publisher.
-I hold the right to end a contest before its original deadline without any prior notice.
-I hold the right to disqualify any entry as I see fit.

Privacy Policy:

It's A Hardcover Life not directed to children under the age of 13. I do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under 13. If you are under the age of 13, please have your parents fill in their information for contests and giveaways.

All giveaway/contest winners are announced on the blog. None of your personal information except your website and first name will be announced. If you have any discrepancies with this arrangement, please specify so in the contest entry form.

I recommend that you do not submit or post any personally identifiable information when posting to It's A Hardcover Life. Only use your first name or screen name.