About Me

Hello there reader/ blogger/ new friend? (Are we not there yet? Okay, I understand....Quietly sobs at the rejection).

Let's get the formalities out of the way:

So you wanna know who's dis chick with the blog?

Well, you came to the right tab.

My name is Markella. My name and I have a love/hate relationship.

 I'm 25 years old, a Staten Island/ Brooklyn/ Ohioan and now officially a Maryland...er? Not sure about that yet. Anyway, I'm a full grown adult (though I don't like to admit it) who loves to read Young Adult novels.

I discovered a love of reading when I was an introverted high schooler... now I'm a semi-introverted working class gal.

Okay, so not much has changed and certainly not my love of Young Adult literature.

Although I dip into adult lit. from time to time, something about that stage from 14-19 years old has always fascinated me.  Maybe it's not having the weight of responsibility that comes with joining the real world such as paying bills on time, worrying about how that new stain on the rug will affect your deposit, trying to make meals without setting fires, giving up and microwaving a dinner meal and the two worst things...

Insurance and Taxes. Oh I  just got a chill. This is my happy place so it's the last time I'll mention those things.

 Or maybe I love Young Adult because I never knew what freedom I had at that time to be imaginative and wild...and, well, stupid....
Not that I'm not now (I still do stupid things) but it's different.

I would love to be a writer one day where I can sit around and think of new ideas to fascinate readers such as myself but that's just a dream of mine. 

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to email me/ follow me/ comment. I love meeting readers/ writers like myself or anybody really...