Wednesday, April 25, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday (No Plot Mo' Problems)

So I missed posting last Wednesday. I'm now at about 64,000 words.

My biggest problem, so far, is that my W.I.P. it's really lacking a plot. It has a lot of great emotional scenes that reveal a lot about the characters, but I'm having a hard time revolving the character building around an actual plotline. Somehow the evolution of my characters does not a plot make, unfortunately......

Appreciate my Paint skills please

Here is a conversation I have with myself constantly:

Aspiring to be published me: What is it anyway? 
Dreamy writer me: What is what?
Aspiring to be published me: The plot! Hello? What is the plot? The climax? The build-up? The reveal?
Dreamy writer me: Oh that. Why didn't you say that in the first place?..........I dunno. Doesn't that just occur by itself? What do you need that for anyway? I'm creative man I don't need a structure holding me down!!!  Now, tell me, don't you think the romance is steamy....

You get the picture. I'm trying to split the difference between plotting and characterization but it's been pretty difficult. I want the book to draw a reader because of the great characters and their interesting backgrounds but I don't want my story to feel like that's all it's relying on because that's when a story gets boring. I always wanted my W.I.P. to be a great mixture of romance and narrative but it's turning into something I didn't want/ expect and it's going to take a lot of work to resurrect it.

I think I'll just have to continue to write and make more of a plot in the revisions. I realize now how not easy writing is. Where'd I get that idea? Sigh. I'm going to consider the revision phase as my W.I.P. digging itself out of the grave.

I really should go into graphic design if this whole writing thing doesn't work out....