Sunday, July 8, 2012

Authors Are My Rockstars (1)

Hey guys! I decided to start a new segment on my blog for when I go to author signings! Not that I go to many but I'm going to try and go support those authors I admire as much as I can.


I started this because I just went to my first signing yesterday. I found out Jennifer Armentrout, author of Obsidian and the soon to be released Onyx, was going to be at a book store pretty close to me.

My boyfriend and I drove an hour to Nora Roberts bookstore called Turning the Page in Maryland. Nora, apparently, has a lot of author signings there. Anyway, I had to wait about two hours but that was okay because I got to meet another book blogger Terri whose blog is My Book Boyfriend and chat with her. She's actually the first book blogger I met in real life so that was cool.


 My boyfriend went MIA for the entire time so I lost my camera man. Luckily there were a lot of nice people there who took a picture of Jennifer and me. (See Above). I was so nervous when I got up to talk to her, but she was super nice. I told her I was a YA book blogger and aspiring writer and she advised I use QueryTracker. net. We talked about Daemon (aka Pepe's) hotness and her new trailer. 

She signed my Obsidian copy I brought from home (though I don't think I was supposed to), another one I bought, a copy of Half-Blood and Pure. I was only there to get my home book signed but then decided I should buy something so I was gonna buy just Half-Blood and Pure but I threw in another Obsidian (maybe for a giveaway?). 


She also gave me some bookmarks and complimented me on my hair do. I got so caught up in talking to her that I gave her both Obsidians to sign to me. Luckily I realized that, went back and she gladly fixed it. (See picture above with Heart)

I swear to God I looked like I crazy person. I was so excited that when I smiled for a picture my left eye was twitching like crazy. Good thing she couldn't see! haha. I had tweeted her the day before to make sure she was coming. She said she remembered and responded to my tweet when I got home too. She was really sweet.

I didn't know that Diana Peterfreund was going to be there until I got downstairs. She's the author of For Darkness Shows the Stars which I've really been wanting to read.

I talked to her and found out she lives really close to me. She told me about some DC book signings and other DC bloggers which was great.


I got her to sign For Darkness Shows the Stars.

She also gave me some extra book marks especially for my blog which was really sweet of her. I'm going to collect a few more things before I give them out.

 Anyway so that's the story of my first author signing. I'm hoping to go to more in the future but with less money in my hand. I spent $55 dollars when I only wanted to spend like $20 at the most. Still, I was glad to support them and, of course, I never regret a book purchase. My boyfriend keeps telling me not to read my signed copy and to hide them somewhere but NAH! What the hell did I buy them for then? 

I hope to learn more about the rules to signings as I go on. Any advice when it comes to signings?

Keep on the look out for a giveaway of a signed Obsidian!