Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Divergent Movie Review

2 days ago, Sandie (thanks again!) from the YADC Facebook group posted a message to ask if anyone wanted to see the Divergent screening as a plus-one on a press pass.

1 day, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds later, I replied:

Stephanie from the blog No BS Book Reviews also got a ticket so we decided to meet up.

After a few issues with a guy who thought he was the movie theater's bouncer (Hey, Efff you guy! I'm a semi-VIP yo), Sandie breezed in with her press pass and Stephanie and I got to our VIP seats. And I saw no less than 3 of my fellow book-clubers there!

Photo: VIP movie premiere for #Divergent Fangirling right now.

Now I'll be honest, I was a teeny tiny bit less excited by this movie than I had been when the Hunger Games came out. However, I was still embarrassingly, pee-my-pants, over-the-top, a-25-year-old-shouldn't-fangirl-so-hard-for-a-book-for-teens excited!!

So yeah....

On to the review!!

I think this was one of the best executed YA adaptations to screen I've seen yet! I actually got bored with the Hunger Games movie part way in (but I also get bored easily). Catching Fire is probably my number 1 adaption but this is a really close second. Don't get me started on some of the others.

What I loved about the casting:

1. Shailene Woodley was awesome as Tris. I think she had the whole un-compassionate but still loving characterization down. She was weak in ways but so tough. I loved her acting in this movie.

2. Theo James was delicious as Four. I had my doubts because of how much older he looks than Tobias is supposed to be, but I think it worked. He was strong, sensitive and charismatic.

3. All the other characters, especially Peter and Christina, were cast perfectly! Peter was so absolutely hilarious that, at times, I really wanted to root for him.
4. The dynamic between Tris and her Mom was awesome and heart-breaking. 

What I loved about the story/plot:

1. It was still exciting even though I knew how it would turn out! Though I haven't reread the book since the first time, I do remember most of the story. Yet still I held my breath when Tris is about to choose her faction or hoping some characters make it to the end when I knew they wouldn't.
2. I think it would be easy to follow for someone who hasn't read the book.
3. The pacing was good consistently.
4. Stuck very close to the book but didn't include so much info as to overwhelm (Cough* Vampire Academy* Cough)

What I loved about the movie visually:

1. The costumes were great for each faction. I think they really represented them well.

2. The Ferris wheel scene was perfect.

3. They used the Chicago skyline and surrounding area. You had no doubt where this was set.  

What I loved most:

1. It was FUNNY! When it MEANT TO BE FUNNY. Sometimes you watch these movies and the serious scenes make you laugh. I think once or twice the audience laughed during a smexy scene with Tris and Four, but for the most part, the humor was spot on.
2. The relationship building between Tris and Four was adorable and well paced but maybe a teeny touch of insta-love. Them holding each other at the end of the movie was incredible.

Not my favorite things:

1. Some of the smexy parts with Tris and Four were awkward...but still hot so it's forgiven. There were a few cheesy lines too.

2. The science/ society explanation was lacking. If I didn't read the book, I don't know if I would have known what was going on on that front.
3.Errrmmm can't think of anything else....I missed the scene with Veronica :-(((

Things they changed:

1. Some of Tris' fears were cut out. It didn't bother me. 
2. In one of Tris' fear landscapes, Four is in it and it was a little weird. (no spoilers). You'll see what I mean. 
3. Four and Marcus didn't look similar at ALL.
4. Some characters are left out.


I give the movie a solid A! 

It was heart:

Go see it now* and bring you're non-bookish friends too! Everyone will love this one!

*Okay, not NOW now since it comes out tomorrow but you know what I mean....