Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feature and Follow (8)

What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author?

Well, I wish I did have a favorite author! I'm really terrible at choosing favorite anything. Authors and books especially because there are things I like about a number of authors that make them different and incomparable to the other. If I had to tell any author something, I would tell Veronica Roth that she's been a big inspiration to me.

Although she runs more of a writing blog, I got into blogging largely because of her. I randomly found her blog and her book and have since become obsessed with her story. I don't think she is the author with the writing style I like the best or who came up with the most imaginative narrative but I do think she is commendable for doing so much, so young. Plus, she really took time to make sure what she wrote was quality and up to her high standards (she always says what a perfectionist she is and how it's both an asset and a detriment.) She is very honest about her process and I learned a lot from her.

She was also a large reason I started to really pursue writing after a long hiatus. I could see, through her, that you can make it no matter your age. She's a great inspiration. Check out her blog.