Monday, February 6, 2012

Prompt: Write the Truest Sentence About Your Own Writing

                                                   From Here Check it Out. It's awesome.

Love those words but I'm going to modify this to "Write the Truest Sentence About Your Writing"

Mine Would Be:

I'm have a great story to tell but maybe all I am is an imaginative person, not a writer.

It's a big fear of mine that I really can not write fiction. Give me an essay about the gothic elements in "The Strand" and I'll write one hell of an essay.

Tell me to write a short story and...I've already changed classes.

So what's so different about fiction and non-fiction writing? To me, fiction is all about putting myself into something, something wholly me. My ideas all the way to my writing ability. Non-fiction writing (I used academic essays as an example) are a lot about my thoughts sure, but they are more about telling about something else that has no reflection on me.

There is something in that fear that stops me from giving my all to writing. To sitting down and finishing this book I've been thinking about for 5 years. This book that I've written countless, seemingly unconnected scenes of. This book that has consumed my thoughts and my heart for a while now.

I want to write it, I really do. I think the story is great but I self-destruct when I read back over it and the words aren't as fluid and captivating as my dreams/thoughts. The story isn't the same in my head as it is on paper.

And I'm not sure I know how to change that.

So fear holds me back. That is really the truest sentence I know. Not sure what to do about it except just keep writing and hopefully it will work out. We shall see.