Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whatageek: Supernatural Edition: Number 1 on my Bucket List


upernatural Edition

Supernatural. Oh how I love thee. You make me laugh and cry and sigh (and roll my eyes but only in that 7th season)... but I digress. Never do anything like that again. Anywoo, specifically, I love you because of one very Superficial (haha) factor. 


I've had a giant ass crush on Dean Winchester since I first started watching the show in it's second season.

Something about that bad boy persona mixed with a wicked sense of humor and that soft, feather-down layer of vulnerability. And also the breaking shit when he's angry. And the crying while looking up to the sky. It's just all around hot.

Now, I've also watched extras on the DVD and found something weird. I don't actually like the actor Jensen Ackles. Oh his face, sure. But his personality... let's just say he's no Dean Winchester.

Speeding up the story a few years:

My boyfriend and I were randomly talking about our Bucket Lists one day and I jokingly said the NUMBER ONE thing on my BUCKET LIST is:
  1. Meet and do unspeakable things to Dean Winchester.
  2. Die happy
This is all just buildup to one extremely geeky experience that I'm not ashamed of. Nor do I regret! (Alright there is a little shame.)

I follow some Jensen Ackles I Wuv You So Much, Can I Kiss Your Face? Instagrams. At the same time, someone in my ForeverYA book club asked if anyone was going to go to AwesomeCon.

And an idea hit me.

What about a Supernatural Convention. Ha! HA HA! I'm a genius.

A little searching and I found it. Right near DC! 

Wait...it's sold out???

Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Doesn't make a difference. Maybe one more time. Refresh.


Extreme disappointment when the dream I had on my 2.5 minute Google search led to failure. Then...hey! My Mom lives in NY and I go there all the time...wonder if there is one near there.


2 tickets to Supernatural Con NJ and a photo op with Jensen Ackles = PRICELESS
And well...$362. And a little pity from my sister who offered to come with me. And also a happy dance that lasted for about 10 minutes until even the cats thought I was crazy. I'm sorry I'm not sorry.


I asked Sam and Dean if I'm going to be in their general presence and possible giggle inappropriately at them. This was their response:


Excuse all the GIFS. I just learned how to put them in and went a wee bit cray cray, k?