Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY Halloween Costume How To: Katniss Hunting and Arena (Part 1)

So you started thinking about Halloween already and you want to go as a Young Adult character. Well, considering the past year, you think Katniss would be a great identifiable costume. But how do you create it? I'm here to help!

There are three great things about this costume:

1.Most of the stuff you can re-wear.
2.You probably have some of these things in your closet.
3. If you don't, they are mostly cheap. The distressed look is a big part of the costume so go down to your local thrift store and buy those crappy cargos. They're perfect! 

So after reading that list and realizing this is the costume for you, you are set on being Miss Everdeen. Congrats! Continuing on reading my tips for the perfect Katniss costume.

The List:

Main elements to Hunting Katniss (before the Hunger Games):


1. Reverse french braid or dutch braid (same thing) over shoulder.
2. Distressed brown leather jacket.
3. Brown striped trousers.
4. Lace up knee high brown leather boots.
5. Wooden Flat Bow, Quiver, and Arrows.
6. Long sleeved button Y t-shirt 
7. Brown leather belt with gold buckle.
8. Mockingjay pin (not worn in this scene but helps for people to identify who you are)
9. Forage Bag (Not in movie)



Main elements to the Hunger Games Arena Katniss:


1. Reverse french braid or dutch braid (same thing) over shoulder.
2. Hooded long black rain resistant jacket.
3. Olive green or brown cargo pants.
4. Brown leather ankle boots.
5. Dark brown Recurve Bow, Quiver, and Arrows. 
6. Dark brown belt with gold circle cutouts doubled around the waist.
6. Black V-neck short sleeve t-shirt.
7. Bright orange backpack.
8. Mockingjay Pin.

The Hair


We'll start with the reverse french braid, otherwise called the Dutch braid, which starts over Katniss' left ear and ends over her right shoulder. This is quintessential Katniss; other than the bow, this is the most identifiable part of her costume.

Here's some pictures of it for reference:


Front/ Right Side


Right Side

Left Side

Katniss has long bangs in the front that are wavy and long brown hair. The wispy bangs aren't necessary but the dark long hair kind of is so if you have short hair or lighter hair, maybe the best thing would be to wear a wig or get some cheap clip-on extensions.

Here is a wig I found on Amazon but I'm sure you can find cheaper:

Amazon Price: $49.95 (as of 09/15/2012)
This professionally styled Katniss Everdeen wig is available for free shipping and can easily be recycled for a number of different Halloween costumes.

How to:

If you can do it to your hair then here are some great videos to show you how:


I really liked this video. She makes it simple and easy without a lot of talking in the beginning. This is good if you already know how to french/ dutch braid.

If you know how to french braid then this is easy! Instead of putting the section you are braiding in over the middle section, you just put it under. It makes the braid stick out and be more obvious. If you don't know how to dutch braid, here is a good tutorial to show you the difference: 

Here is the first time I tried the braid last year. It took me about five minutes without a mirror. I didn't pull it tight enough in the end which is why the right side where the braid falls over my shoulder is a little loose but not half bad of a job for the first time.

Part two coming soon!

 It will go into the costume and how to put that together for both Hunting Katniss and Arena Katniss. 


Also, please enjoy this Bad Lip Reading video. I was laughing through the whole thing!